electrical panels and systems

Cieb is the Caraglio Group company that has specialised since the 1970s in the design and construction of electric panels and installations. Cieb builds medium and low voltage electric panels for the industrial sector, infrastructures and tertiary segment.

Designing, construction with machining of copper or aluminium sheets and bars, mechanical assembly, electric wiring and acceptance testing: these are the phases - internally created - that lead to the construction of electric panels that guarantee reliability, safety, efficiency and uninterrupted production.

Expertise, experience, flexibility and focus on customer needs are Cieb’s strong points, which combined with continuous training of personnel and top quality machining, make it possible to supply custom, safe and long-lasting solutions.

Cieb is specialised in building electric panels for the energy, industrial, naval, Oil&Gas, infrastructure and tertiary sector.

  • Energy

    Solutions for the distribution, transport and production of energy from all sources. Cieb has built MV-LV panels for hydroelectric power plants and photovoltaic systems all over the world. MV-LV panels, SPCC and utilities for energy power plants have also been created from other sources and substations.

  • Industrial

    Thanks to the high performance, flexibility and customisation of our panels we have gained important experience in numerous industrial areas with leading Italian and international companies in a wide range of industrial areas (food, textile, mechanical, chemical, glass). Specific experience has been developed in the metal-working sector where specific performance is required: continuous production, extreme environmental conditions and high, top performing energy requirements

  • Naval

    A sector with specific needs due to a lack of space, stress due to navigation, regulations and requirements from certification and auditing bodies. Cieb has adapted products to these needs meeting with significant success and popularity with ship owners and shipyards.

  • Infrastructures

    Cieb builds Medium and Low Voltage panels for large and small infrastructures: purification systems for water, ports, airports and tunnels.

  • Tertiary

    Cieb builds electric panels and installations for all needs of the tertiary sector: management headquarters, shopping centers, hospitals, banks, offices.

  • Oil & Gas

    The sector requires safety combined with uninterrupted service which Cieb is able to meet thanks to reliable, high-performing products including in difficult climate and ambient conditions.


Cieb is synonymous with excellence. Designing, both mechanical and electrical, is performed in close collaboration with the customer to create all the details of the requested specifications.

We build every piece, for every condition

All machining is done within the industrial plant, starting from cutting and bending of the sheets, and later the painting and finishing phases of the containers for internal or external use. We provide solutions able to last over time in hot humid countries thanks to tropicalisation processes.

Quality of raw materials

One of the most important aspects in the sector of industrial installations is that of “raw materials”. All of the components used by Cieb are requested from leading companies on the market and able to meet the extremely rigorous selection and acceptance testing standards. Only components which will guarantee top performance and reliability when installed are accepted for assembly.

Compliance with standards and certification tests

All Cieb electric panels comply with international IEC, Italian CEI and Italian occupational accident standards and comply with the technical specifications of the particular specifications of the assigned Entities. The constant search for updated solutions is continuously verified by certification trials and tests which are performed at the plant’s test rooms. 

    • Cabling tests

    • Mechanical operation tests

    • Industrial frequency voltage tests

    • All acceptance tests required by CEI regulations


Any product supplied by Cieb is guaranteed and serviced at the installation site for a year from the date of supply. A synthesis of high level quality that ensures an investment in technology, safety and synchrony with the state-of-art of the sector technology.







Cieb’s objectives have always been to maintain high quality and safety standards, to comply with the contractual delivery schedule and continuous search for solutions able to completely meet needs and expectations.

Cieb is certified

  • UNI_EN ISO 9001: 2015

    Certification obtained in 1997, represents an additional confirmation of the quality achieved in our installations and control over our production processes.

    Istituto Elettrotecnico Italiano "Galileo Ferraris"
    ACAE – Associazione per la Certificazione delle Apparecchiature Elettriche